Please note that enrollment in classes for any semester can fluctuate as students make changes individually to their schedules. Additionally, the College may be either increasing seating in some classes as overall enrollment is evaluated, or opening additional sections of classes.

If you desire enrollment in additional hours for an upcoming term, please follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Check back in Self Serve periodically (daily if you would like) to see if a space has opened up. If it has, process through the normal add/drop via your Self Serve account.

STEP 2: Reach out to your advisor to discuss other course options that are open, and register for those options when available. (Your advisor is listed at the bottom of your current schedule in Self Service.)

STEP 3: If you feel it is imperative that you be enrolled in a certain class for the purposes of timing your degree completion, you will need to send an email from your HC email account to YOUR ADVISOR with information regarding your situation - SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW regarding the what the email must contain. It is necessary that your advisor consider your request first, including what adding a course will mean overall to your term load and plan of study. To find your faculty advisor, log into your Self Serve account, view your schedule, and scroll to the bottom.
Your email that you will send to your advisor for review must include the following:

SUBJECT LINE - TERM YEAR (e.g. Fall 1999) enrollment in closed class request (YOUR NAME)


We will address these issues on an individual basis, with priority going to candidates for graduation. Please note that we will do our best to accommodate students, but this may mean enrollment in the course, but not in your preferred section. Please be certain to enroll in all other necessary courses as we cannot place you into a closed class if you are not enrolled in the term at all.